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KOBELCO LB52-18 (E7018)

KOBELCO LB52-18 (E7018)

Product is available in Size 2.6mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm.

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LB-52-18 is a low-hydrogen electrode with a high deposition rate for mild steel.

L ” stands for low hydrogen, while “B” symbolizes a slag-shielding covered electrode.”52″ refers to the typical tensile strength of the deposited metal. “1” shows that it can be used in all positions, while “8” is the designation for “iron powder, low hydrogen ” as in the AWS E7018 specification.

-Superior welding performance with either DC or AC.

-Superior mechanical properties: constant tensile strength and high impact value.

-Superior crack resistibility.


Product specification please click –  LB-52-18

Additional information

Electrode Size (mm)

2.6mm (G-12), 3.2mm (G-10), 4.0mm (G-8), 5.0mm (G-6)


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