Full Spec Sheets Click here AMIG500P

Features and benefits

  • Perfect arc start program , high success rate of arc starting , and high efficiency
  • Special design of wire feeding equipment avoid wire blocking problem of AI wire m save time and reduce production cost.
  • Expert in thin sheet welding , special suitable for high-end leisure furniture welding.
  • Double pulse feature can be used for more effective process of welding.
  • Welding of the carbon steel , stainless steel wire are almost the same with that of flux-cored wire , no need to clean ,greatly reduce production cost and improve efficiency.


Rated input voltage / frequency (HZ) HZ 3 phase , 415 ±10% , 50 Hz
Rated input capacity (KVA) KVA 23.4
Rated input current (A) Amps 36.1
Duty cycle (40 °C ) °C 60%@500A
OCV (V) Volt 106
Output current range (A) Amps 60 -500
Output voltage range (V) Volt 14-50
Trigger mode 2/4T,Spot , Special 4T
Wire size (mm) mm 0.8 , 1.0 , 1.2, 1.6
Double pulse frequency (Hz0 Hz 0.5-5
Job channels 100
Protection class class IP23S
Dimension (mm) mm mm 655*324*546
Weight (kg/lb) kg/lb 53/116.3