Prince GB-2001 Butane Gas Micro-Torch.

The Prince GB-2001 hand-held butane refillable micro torch featuring the state-of-the-art Piezo Quartz Crystal Electronic instant ignition.
The GB 2001 features a powerful 2500ºF butane blue torch flame and air flow adjustment dial for superior flame control with pin point accuracy at your finger tips.
The main tank body features a diamond grid design for a superior, and extra safe, grip.
The GB2001 also includes a detachable base for hands-free table-top work.
The first Micro Torch available worldwide and still the best.
Prince GB-2001 Piezo Micro Gas Torch Self-Starting handheld.
Portable Piezo ignition
Refillable Butane Gas
Instant Micro Torch
Precise And Controlled
High-Temperature Flame (1300° C) 2500° F
Push Button Lighting Fires Instantly
Lightweight One Hand Operation
Solders, Melts, Brazes, Removes Paint Uses – Welding – Dental Labs and Repair – Candle Sculpture – Bending Glass, Plastic, Metal – Toy Repair – Wire Soldering – Remove Paint – Hobby Torch – Thaw Frozen Locks, Nuts and Bolts – Tile Laying – Ski Waxing – Enameling – Sweating and Thawing Light Pipes – Softening Window Putty – Plumbing – Silver Soldering – Car and Train Model Repair – Circuit Boards – Camping – Remote Control Car Repair – Jewelers Tool – Jewelers Repair – Auto Repair – Optical + Much more!
Dimensions 6″ x 3″ x 2-1/2″ diameter
Weight 6.8oz
Burn Time approx 30min – 2 hrs (with varying flame length)
Max Flame Temperature 2500ºF
Gas Capacity 26grams
Made in Japan
*Caution – Contents Contain Butane Gas.
Flammable and Combustible Material.
Use Caution. Keep Away From Children.
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