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Shiyo Multi-Function Magnetic Drill KCY-48/2WDO

Shiyo Multi-Function Magnetic Drill KCY-48/2WDO

  • Oil-immersed gearbox gear long life
  • Multi-gear gear speeder tool for multiple
  • Dual dovetail guides, travel, small size Inversion is an electronic push-button machine.


Technical Parameter
Product model KCY – 48/2WDO
Core drill diameter (mm) Ø48
Twist drill diameter (mm) Ø22
Tapping diameter (mm) M22
Rated voltage (v) 220
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated input power (w) 1700
No-load speed (rpm) 100-260/480
Max attraction (N) 14500
Cutting Depth (mm) 35
Stroke (mm) 230
Packing size (cm) 58 x 18 x 38
Net/Gross weight (kg) 13/16


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