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Chiyoda Stud Welding Machine RSN7-2500

Chiyoda Stud Welding Machine RSN7-2500

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  • Optional one torch seperately or two torches together operation, no disturbance.
  • IGBT Inverter with dual-core technology, so large welding range.
  • Low price, less weight, power efficient, safe and reliable. -Easy control and digital display of welding voltage, current and time.
  • Special torch with extending cables, large lifting force, low heat and durable
  • Inner circuit board is under waterproof, anticorrosion, dampproof, and dustproof treatment.
  • Compensatory capabilities of power voltage. When the voltage decreases, this machine can
  • Automatically stabilize welding parameters, when the voltage is extremely low, the machine still
  • Can work normally (only the max welding current is a little lower), the welding strength is much
  • Higher than ordinary welding machine.



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