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AWS A5.1. E6013
ISO 2560-A-E 38 0 R



Linde MS6013 is a versatile and user-friendly welding rod. The advanced flux formulation contains easily ionized materials that confer wonderful circular segment control with medium infiltration, just as reliably saving top-notch weld metal.

With a covering coating that is extraordinarily intended to produce unrivaled usability with a wide welder appeal. MS6013 stores high X-ray quality weld metal, with mechanical properties meeting Grade 2 shipping body specifications.

The rod is appropriate for a wide scope of manufacture applications: Steel structures – supports, portal frames, tubed casing work; Sheet and plate metal structures and holders – plating, stockpiling tanks, hoppers, silos, bins; Field jointing of lines for water, gas and liquid transmission; Site joining of H/sheet/pipe piles; Ship plates and constructions.

Its characteristics include:

  • Smooth and steady arc.
  • Low – fume level.
  • Amat mudah untuk melepaskan sanga, terangkat sendiri dalam kebanyakan keadaan.
  • Easy and positive arc striking and restriking.
  • Fine, smoothly rippled deposits.
  • Suitable for both A.C. & D.C. welding.


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