Here with the 9 tips to sharpen your MIG welding skills. Even though MIG welding method by far the best welding method for novice, however it is not rocket science, as the saying goes ‘Practice makes perfect’ certainly works when you know the tips to sharpen your skills. Using the right tips, practice the the right skills, achieve the right results.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Contaminants get trapped in the weld, resulting in holes that resemble a sponge

Get a Great Ground

Firmly attach the clamp to bare metal as close as possible to the arc

Keep Your Stickout Short

Keep the distance the wire sticks out from the end of the gun’s contact tip to between 1/4 and 3∕8 inch

Use Both Hands

Rest the crook of the gun neck in one hand and hold the part with the trigger in the other hand

Listen To Your Welder

Music to your ears should be a steady buzz while welding

Keep The Arc Up Front

Keep the arc at the leading edge of the weld puddle

Do Not Ignore Basic Matching Up

Match Drive Rolls, Gun Cable Liner, Contact Tip To The Wire Size

Push or Pull

Either Forehand method to produces shallow penetration with a flat, wide, smooth surface

Or Backhand method to produces a deep penetration weld that is narrow and high in the center

Replace Contact Tips Liberally

Keep a pack in your toolbox and replace them often